Hi my name is Steve Jacobs, I am a Certified Professional Photographer, certified by Professional Photographers of America, I'm from Springfield, IL. I  My love for photography goes back to when I picked up my first camera at 6.  My love for dogs and landscapes goes back just about as long. Pet and Landscape Photography are becoming more and more part of my life. I am a dog person with a Golden Retriever, and a rescue Coon Hound. I savor the chance to do themed portraits especially If I can incorporate some of my favorite things to photography.  Landscape, pets, city nightscapes, sunrise, sunsets. 

I enjoy creating images that can included some or all of these things.  The one thing I love about what I do is freezing that moment in time.

Photography can only represent the present, once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past

Berenice Abbott